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Your feedback in action

Your feedback in action

Part of being a mutual is listening to your views and acting upon them, we try our best to implement as many of your ideas as we can on a regular basis.

As a result of your feedback we have…

Simplified the closure procedure for the Ecclesiastical Life Limited product

Problem: To close your Ecclesiastical Life Limited product, you had to supply us with your marriage and birth certificate and this was a lengthy process.

Solution: You no longer have to provide your marriage and birth certificates to close your policy. This has made the closure process much quicker.

Kept in regular contact by phone and email, rather than by post

Problem: We answered a lot of your queries by post and it could take a long time for these to be resolved.

Solution: We now make a conscious effort to contact you by telephone and email when we can. This has allowed us to answer your queries much quicker.

We’re always listening

If you’d like to send some specific feedback on something then use our online form or contact us via email, phone or post.

Something we’re particularly proud of:


At our recent AGM, whilst visiting our business services department – a customer asked what we did with the stamps from letters received. As a result of this conversation, we are now removing all inbound used stamps for charity.