Star Wars Forex Bot Broker Review – Is This A Creepy Attempt?

A fan of Star Wars? Star Wars Forex Bot broker, Well here is a creepy attempt to scam people using your favorite series. Read our Star Wars Forex Bot broker review exposing the whole platform.

Star Wars Forex Bot Broker Review- Is This A Creepy Attempt?

The novelty of minting money through online trading has worn off with many new trading software coming up that accelerate the money-making ways. However much to our dismay most of this software is not genuine but loot to your hard-earned pay. Star Wars Forex Bot broker Platform is the newly launched online trading software that has bewildered people with its promises of generating millions in an impossible way.  The Star Wars Forex Bot broker review is an insight on the software that unveils some serious truths about the platform leaving us disappointed with the fact that Start Wars Forex Bot is a funny attempt to rob people of their money.

The insanity of the lies in it’s over achievable promises and targets which is practically impossible in a sane manner. Allen Bader is the key person in the promotion of this amusing software Star Wars Forex Bot broker system. The entire notion and approach seem entertaining but it definitely brings out the untrue facts. Keep reading the review to get a firm conclusion on the fact that Start Wars Forex Bot is a super deadly scam but in the funniest attempt.

The facts that label Star Wars Forex Bot broker as a funny and nonsensical scam are listed below. Read through these and go for an entertaining flick rather than investing in such misleading trading software.

  • Fake identity of Allen Vader, the key spokesperson and founder of Star Wars Forex Bot broker
  • Absolutely impossible success rates which totally contradicts with their charts and data
  • Investment return is far lesser than the capital put in.
  • Creepy videos and testimonials not worth falling for!

Proofs for Star Wars Forex Bot broker being a scam

Fake Spokesperson

Allen Vader is the founder of the Star Wars Forex app who has claimed to have worked with the much esteemed and venerated JP Morgan and Citigroup to portray himself as an intellect. The biggest contradiction to his claim is that a former employee from such a reputed investment bank should have his resume on the LinkedIn page. However, his resume could not be located on LinkedIn. His mysterious identity and fake background is the first most irksome fact that shakes our belief about Star Wars Forex Bot broker system.

Crazy approach to convince

Allen Vader has also come up with funny videos and testimonials which is absolute fun to watch and much be considered for entertainment alone. The videos make no sense and his impractical promises are a complete overstatement. He identifies himself as a sound professional trader who is settled with an asset of 10 billion dollars. This figure is huge and if he was that rich he would not have poached people with such fake testimonials and creepy videos. His cooked up story sounds totally amusing and hilarious that makes the concept even weirder and nonsensical.

Also, Allen Vader has tried to convince people with the name of the Star Wars Forex Bot broker Platform. The fact of being a star wars fan can never qualify you to advertise an insane Forex trading software. There is absolutely no connection. The Star Wars Forex Bot brokers software has claimed to have generated colossal revenues for its members to a figure of about $120,000,000 which is impossible. Such promises and overstatements can only fool novice traders but the experienced will not pay any heed to such shit.

Amusing Success Rate and Creepy Claims

Star Wars Forex Bot broker is trying to influence the novice traders with its claims and promises which is practically insane and impossible. The site forecasts a success of 99% which means that there are 99 winning trades out of 100. People intending for investments should be aware of the fact that even the best of all trading industry cannot generate a success rate of 80-85% and no online trading software is impeccable enough to come up with such a strange rather weird claim. Funny, isn’t it?

The videos itself show that the robot developed performs 86% accuracy while they claim of 99% is an absolute contradiction. This leads us to confusion but drives to a concrete conclusion that right from the identity of Allen Vader to these crazy videos, everything is baseless and silly bearing no truth at all. The videos are more entertaining and creepy than sensible.

Allen Vader has also mentioned that the entire trading market is moved by dark pools and that no one has access to it but himself. Does he seriously expect to buy this statement?

Fake testimonials and crazy videos

So far it has been crystal clear that the person trying to sell Star Wars Forex Bot broker app is clueless about trading. His promises and claims of earning billions and a 99 % success rate are hilariously unbelievable. Also if you analyze their date it becomes clear that there is a maximum of 76-85% return to the investment but in Star Wars Forex Bot broker platform but the winning trades are far lesser than the capital invested. No trading software can turn a mere 250$ into millions which is possible only in Allen Vader’s claims and science fiction movies.

Star Wars Forex Bot broker Review – The Final Say

The Star Wars Forex Bot broker is a brave attempt to convince people with the silly idea of having the name of one of the most popular movies. Any trader can easily understand the falsehood behind Star Wars Forex Bits scam and this review is an eye-opener on the facts. So if you are planning to invest your hard-earned money it is always to better to verify and check the genuine data. Novice traders can still get fooled but the Star Wars Forex Bot broker review will surely keep them away from such a funny scam.

Real-time trading software does not promise such impossible figures as a return of capital. Although there is a sharp return but there are within 75-85% winning trades and it gives steady profit not like 120 million dollars in just one go. So look out for Star Wars Forex Bot broker scam before getting trapped in such a silly and creepy trap!

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