Profits Now Broker claims to be one of a kind forex signal. Guys, it’s not just another sham, here are our Profits Now Broker review with proofs and facts. It even claims to have been giving great results to a lot of people who want to get rich without breaking a sweat. If truth be told, these Profits Now Broker is a big scam.

Profits Now Broker Review – Good Or Bad Fx Broker?

The platform has been hanging a carrot in front of people and luring them into a trap. And this lie was soon found out when it was revealed that the Profits Now Broker platform was asking people and wannabe traders to put their hard-earned money into their untrustworthy accounts by feeding lies quite conveniently.

The brokers developers have made very laughable claims that it can make any trader rich in less than 7 minutes by helping them tripling the amount put in.

They have also given testimonials that using the Profits Now Broker platform many of their customers have earned at an average of over $22,000 a week. Con!! isn’t that claim is enough to say it is not trusted at all? It’s just because they are marketing the website very aggressively that a lot of people are falling in its trap. Here are a few reasons that will prove it is a scam.

About Profits Now Forex Broker 

profits now broker review

Fake Founder

Profits Now Broker platform boasts a lot about their founder and developer, Jonathan Spencer, so I started digging about his background online. Believe it or not, the only thing that I could find on him was that profits now broker are a scam for sure.

I could not find his profile on Google+, Facebook, Glassdoor or LinkedIn and this was a big red flag for me. As I dug deeper, I found more and more Profits Now Broker mostly negative reviews. Well, the truth is, as expected, he isn’t even a real person! His picture can be purchased from iStock.

Even the website highlights the mythical positives of Profits Now Broker platform software. It is just a shameful stunt pulled by the company’s part on people looking to get rich. The website is very rudimentary and not at all user-friendly. There is a pile of stock photos and fake videos and few fake testimonials to make it look like the Profits Now Broker the platform is benefiting people and that it is a state of the art technology that helps people get rich pretty quick.

Fake Signals and Updates From Profit Now Broker 

All forex trading signals depend on live updates. Now based upon my research I found that the live updates that the Profits Now Broker the app is supposedly delivering a lie. It keeps on repeating the previous updates again and again. These little details will miss anyone’s eye but they so imply how shady the company is. It is out to rob people of their money.

This Profits Now Broker review is aimed to enlighten people about the realities of Profits Now Broker scam. Yes, it is true and not one bit about is a lie.

One strange thing that you are going to see in the Profits Now Broker signals is that you would generally be welcomed by a time-counter, which would keep pushing you to join within 10 minutes. If not then the ‘amazing’ offer would no longer be available to you. This is also a trick to play mind games.

On visiting the site again at the end of the day, you would notice that the whole day had passed by and the ‘opportunity to signup’ message is still blinking trying to trap in more customers to drive them to bankruptcy. No wonder the Profits Now Broker is a scam! Next time around you find something like this, don’t fall for it. The Profits Now Broker app uses a robot that has been programmed to do the same task again and again.

Fake Testimonials From Profit Now Website Exposed!

The website shows the faces of excited people who have given their positive Profits Now Broker reviews mentioning that they have been delivered their payouts, but one should know that these people are hired actors just like the fake founder earlier, belting out lies just like the fake testimonials!

The doubt that Profits Now Broker scam is true does not do anything to disprove this. The fact that these paid actors were hired from strengthens my belief that the Profits Now Broker is a scam. One more important reason that had me going over the Profits Now Broker research is that the robot claimed that it could predict the goings-on of the market at one hundred per cent accuracy, always. This was one sure red flag.

I am going to warn all first-time investors through these Profits Now Broker review time and again that do not fall into this trap. Runaway without any hesitation because there is absolutely no software that promises one hundred per cent accuracy. There never will be. These kinds of empty promises that are made by forex trading options should be dismissed right away because there exists no platform that could promise to predict the financial asset market at full accuracy.

Profits Now Broker Review Conclusion – SCAM! Stay Away!

At this point of time looking at all the startling evidence working against the credibility of this company, I would strongly recommend you to safeguard your money from the Profits Now Broker software because as it has already been discussed earlier, not one thing about is true or tried and tested.

As you have already seen above that we have given enough proof that the Profits Now Broker signals are very unreal and hence in this Profits Now Broker review I am suggesting that you save yourself from this scam. I watched the narration and it is quite clear that the Profits Now Broker app was created with the sole aim of duping as many investors and traders as possible. Don’t fall for Profits Now Broker scam.

The Profit Now forex trading broker is very untrustworthy, and therefore it is advisable to always make a thorough background search on the performance of this platform in the past. I am also going to urge everyone to read through as many reviews about this as possible and then take a very informed decision, as in the end it is your money and you have to decide.


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