The all-new Christmas flavour of “New Year Profit” has been launched lately with monumental promises of garnering lump-sum wealth. This New Year Profit Broker Review is a complete eye-opener highlighting on the key facts about this new auto-trading Forex software which leaves us with a concrete conclusion of labelling New Year Profit Brokers a scam.

New Year Profit Broker Platform Review 

This new auto-trading software fails to explain any of the key points about the generation of profit and wealth instead focuses only on the wealth accumulation in such an accelerated rate which is pretty laughable for all who have staunch online trading expertise. The review is a revelation to the reality of which is a total scam looting novice traders and investors.

Foundation idea of New Year Profit

Edward Pritcher, CEO of New Year Profit Broker Platform has presented this Forex trading platform with many amusing and impossible promises based on the idea of multiplying the initial deposit. Edward Pritcher, the CEO of this software promises to generate 60K every month which is about 170 dollars every hour by investing a mere amount of only 250 dollars as the initial deposit.  This basic notion sounds highly appealing but the alleged CEO fails to give any good supporting fact that ensures this money minting. Also, he doesn’t explain anything about the winning trades of this absurd software with which fetching such a humongous amount is possible.

New Year Profit, the auto trading Forex software is newly launched during the Christmas vacation to influence all novice traders in auto-trading by attracting with a nonsensical and impractical money multiplication promise which is nothing but a total lousy scheme. It is a low budget sales idea with a very low vision. The basic idea of New Year Profit Broker software presented before the world is money multiplying trading software that promises an unbelievable multiplication of the money invested within a month which is totally impossible without any facts and proofs.

New Year Profit Broker– A guaranteed scam and lie!

Several videos and claims have been launched by Edward Pritchard about New Year Profit Broker which promises the multiplication of money by investing a very nominal amount initially. The New Year Profit BrokerReview highlights facts that prove New Year Profit Broker is a deadly scam.

  • The fake promise of money multiplication

He claimed that he made 3694$ from a mere initial deposit of 250$ in just about 42 minutes. Any experienced online trader can label it as an outright lie. There is no such auto-trading software that can ensure such a high build-up to 3694 dollars from a mere 250 dollars. The New Year Profit Broker platform has also claimed to have helped the poor with its revenue since 2008. This itself is a blatant lie as the New Year Profit Broker software was launched just a couple of months earlier. He has also spoken about making 4000 dollars a day which is another castle in the air.

  • No Indication of the platform’s program

New Year Profit Broker is an auto trading Forex platform that has been very newly launched with heavy promises but not a single indication on how the platform works to generate this lump sum wealth and nor it speaks about the program of how it can fetch the winning trades, unlike all other successful and reliable auto-trading online software.

The videos promoting the software has focused only on lavish cars and fancy houses made from the revenue which can be easily made by anyone since it does not focus on the software picks that wins trades not on how the New Year Profit Broker platform works to ensure the accumulation of such huge profit.

  • Fake identity of Edward Pritcher

Edward Pritcher is the CEO of New Year Profit Broker software but there is no background check of this personality. He came out of nowhere, posted some videos and made some fake promises and vanished out of the scene completely without giving any programmatic assurance of the winning trades.

 The fake promise of refunding money

The software also promises to return 1000$ if you do not make such a sharp gain. This again clearly highlights the red flags of New Year Profit Brokerscam.

Apart from these, members of the site have claimed to have earned huge profits since January 2015 while the registration of the software was done in November 2015 which contradicts their say absolutely. Here are some absolute quick checks that conclude that New Year Profit BrokerApp is an absolute scam with impractical claims and fake promises.

  • The claim of impossible revenue
  • Fake testimonials
  • No credible proof on how the software works and is programmed to generate such sharp revenue
  • Fake CEO and unreliable personalities

New Year Profit Broker System is Scam !

The New Year Profit Broker Review has unfolded the truth about this auto-trading online software giving us several facts about its falsehood. The promises are totally impractical and People and videos promoting the software are also fake. There is no transparency in the way how profit is generated and money is multiplied instead it has come up with some silly videos and testimonials which speak for itself as a guaranteed lie. All these facts clearly label New Year Profit Brokerscam as money looting software and a failed lousy scheme.

If you are a novice online trader in Forex trading, it is important to know the know-how’s related to the software platform. Hence verifying the background of the people promoting the software and also knowing the functioning of the software is significant else it can lead to loss of time and time. The final verdict for New Year Profit Broker platform scam intends to make every trader beware of it as it will lead nowhere but cost you time, effort and money. So keep yourself away from such fake Forex trading software and save yourself from getting robbed just before the New year instead take time and verify to go for the genuine and promising ones.



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