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terms and conditions

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1.Types of Grants

The funding made available by the Engage Foundation will fall within the two broad categories set out below:

  1. Personal Grants – considered in more detail at 4 below; and
  2. Community Awards – considered in more detail at 5 below

2. Definitions

The following definitions have been used throughout this document:

Customer – means any person who holds an Engage Mutual Policy in their own name or any person who is the named parent / guardian for a children’s savings product where the child is under 16.

Applicant – means a person, satisfying the eligibility criteria for Applicants set out at 3 (“Who can participate”) below, who submits either a Nomination for a Community Award or an Application for a Personal Grant (whether on their own behalf or on behalf of another individual or group).

Application – means the application for a Personal Grant on behalf of either the Applicant or another person eligible in accordance with 4.3 below.

Nomination – means the nomination of a community project to receive a Community Award

3. Who can participate

Applications for Personal Grants may only be submitted by eligible Applicants.  To be eligible an Applicant:

1. must be a Customer (with the exception of Engage Mutual employees who are also customers); and

2. must be aged 16 or over and a resident of the UK or Republic of Ireland.

Applications for Community Awards may only be submitted by eligible Applicants. To be eligible an Applicant:

1. must be a Customer (with the exception of Engage Mutual employees who are also customers); and

2. must be aged 16 or over.

3.  be nominating a project that is based in the UK.

More information can be requested by either emailing or writing to: Engage Foundation, Engage Mutual Assurance, Hornbeam Park Avenue, Harrogate, HG2 8XE. 

4. Personal Grants

1. Each month Engage Foundation will make up to 15 Personal Grants of up to £500 each.

2. To submit an Application for a Personal Grant, an individual must meet the Applicant criteria set out at 3 above.

3. The proposed recipient of a Personal Grant must be either a Customer, a member of the Customer’s family or a close friend of the Customer based in the UK or Ireland.

4. Applicants may only make one Personal Grant Application at any given time.

5. Where an Application for the same purpose is submitted by more than one Customer, only one Application will be considered.

6.  Personal Grant Applications must be made using the online form found on the Engage Foundation website (  Applicants without access to the internet may request a hard copy form, which will be considered in the same way as electronic Applications.

7. By submitting an Application the Applicant agrees that under no circumstances will any funding from Engage Foundation be used for illegal activities or activities that could bring Engage Foundation (or Engage Mutual Assurance) into disrepute.

8. If successful it will be the responsibility of the Applicant to ensure the Personal Grant is spent in line with the information set out in the winning Application.

9. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to withdraw his/her Application if the funds are no longer required or the proposed recipient is no longer eligible for a Personal Grant.

10. Applicants have the right to withdraw their Application at any time and can do so by logging into their Engage Foundation profile.

11. All Applications will be reviewed by an authorised member of Engage Foundation staff to assess the eligibility of the Application prior to entry into a draw.

12. Due to the unique nature of each proposed recipient’s circumstances, each Application will be judged on its individual merit.  The following high level principles will be applied to all Applications:

      i. The Application is genuine and is submitted by an eligible Applicant (see 3 above).
      ii. The funding will be used to improve the life of a Customer, a member of a Customer’s family or a close friend of a Customer.
      iii. The Personal Grant will be used to provide relief to the recipient in times of poverty or financial hardship (whether this be temporary or long term).
      iv. The Personal Grant is required for something for which funding is not readily available from other sources without a possible lengthy process (for example, the council, social services or other charities).
      v. The funding is being requested as a result of poverty or financial hardship due to unforeseen circumstances rather than as a result of poor money management.
      vi. Applicants do not have more than £2,000 in accessible savings.
      vii. The following is not an exhaustive list but provides some examples of the sorts of needs which may and may not be eligible to receive funding from Engage Foundation through a Personal Grant Application.
Eligible to receive funding from Engage Foundation  Not eligible to receive funding from Engage Foundation
A course to improve skills or to learn a trade to help someone get back into work. To pay for something that is considered an everyday cost – for example, the weekly shopping.
To help an elderly relative or friend stay in their home for as long as possible by making home improvements. To pay for something that could reasonably be considered a luxury item, such as a wide screen television.
For essential home repairs if no other source of funding is available. To cover a salary or wage so that someone can take time away from work (for example a sabbatical).
To pay for equipment or home alterations for someone with an illness or disability (e.g. audio software to help the visually impaired). The advancement of religion/ faith.
To pay for counselling (e.g. for bereavement) if no other source of funding was available. Individual sponsorship.
To help an elderly or vulnerable person with an unforeseen bill.  A contribution to a larger fundraising appeal.


13. If an Application is judged to be eligible it will be entered into a draw. The Applicant will be notified by email that their Application is in the draw.

14. Ineligible Applications will be rejected and the Applicant will be notified accordingly.

15. Engage Foundation’s decision on which Applications are eligible to go into the draw is final.

16. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to withdraw their Application if the need no longer exists. If an Applicant is selected and the need for the Application no longer exists, the unallocated Grant will roll over in to the following month.

17. Once received and reviewed, an Application will remain in the draw for a period of three consecutive months, after which it will be removed. Applicants will be notified by email when their Application has been removed and will be invited to submit a new application.

18. Winners will be selected from eligible Applications by an automated computer system on the first working day of each month.  Depending upon the number of Applications, up to 150 winners will be selected in 2014.  See the website for more details on the dates of the draw and the number of Personal Grants available each month.

19. In the unlikely event that there are fewer Applications than the number of Grants available in any given month, Grants will be awarded to those who have applied in that month and any remaining unallocated Grants will roll over into the following month.

20. Successful Applicants will be notified in writing or by telephone within two weeks of the draw.

21. A cheque will be issued of up to £500 in line with the Grant application.

22. Engage Foundation will perform regular spot checks to ensure Personal Grants are spent in line with the information provided in the Application. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to keep evidence (in the form of receipts, photographs etc.) that can be provided to Engage Foundation upon request as proof of responsible use of the Personal Grant. Evidence must be kept up to 12 months after payment of the Personal Grant.

23. If satisfactory proof is not provided, Engage Foundation reserves the right to require that the Personal Grant is repaid in full. The onus is on the Applicant to provide satisfactory proof that funding has been spent in line with the Application.

24. Engage Foundation is not responsible for the purchase of any goods or services relating to the Application, nor is Engage Foundation liable for any goods or services purchased with Personal Grants that are deemed not to be fit for purpose.

25. Engage Foundation is not responsible for any loss/harm/injury/death as a result of misuse of products/services or faulty products/services bought using the Personal Grant.

26. Successful Applicants are not eligible to apply for another Personal Grant within six months of their winning Application.

27. Engage Foundation will regularly consult with a group of Customers to ensure that criteria for considering Applications is developed in line with Customer wishes. Customers can enquire about joining the Foundation Advisory Panel by emailing

28. Engage Foundation may use Personal Grant winners’ stories for promotional purposes. If you do not wish for us to use your name, please tick the appropriate box on the Application form.

29. Personal Grants are non-transferable and non-negotiable.

30. Personal Grants must be spent within six months of receipt of funding.

5. Community Awards

1. In 2014 Engage Foundation will make 15 awards of up to £5,000 and two awards of up to £25,000.

2. To submit a Nomination for a Community Award, an individual must meet the Applicant criteria set out at 3 above.

3. Applicants can make just one Community Award Nomination in any given nomination period.

4. Nominations can be made using the online form found on the Engage Foundation website (  If an Applicant does not have access to the internet, a hard copy form can be requested and will be accepted for consideration.

5. By submitting a Nomination the Applicant agrees that under no circumstances will any funding from Engage Foundation be used for illegal activities or activities that could bring Engage Foundation (or Engage Mutual Assurance) into disrepute.

6. The Applicant does not have to be a volunteer for the community project which they nominate for the Community Award but they must be prepared to be actively involved to ensure the project delivers the benefits set out in the Nomination.

7. Each Nomination will be reviewed by an authorised member of Engage Foundation staff. Only projects that meet the minimum criteria will be considered.

8. The decision of Engage Foundation regarding Nominations is final.

9. Projects must:

  • Be genuine and submitted by an eligible Applicant (see 3 above)
  • Be a project in which the Nomination is prepared to play a role in order to ensure successful delivery (if it becomes a winning project)
  • Benefit the community
  • Be achievable and realistic
  • Only be achievable with the support of Engage Foundation
  • Be able to commence within 2 months of receiving the Community Award
  • Be more than a  simple donation
  • Be able to provide a detailed breakdown of how the Community Award funding will be put to use. 

10. Projects that include any of the following will NOT be considered for support:

  • Support for commercial or profit making ventures
  • Funding toward property bills (rent, mortgage payments, utility bills, maintenance costs, etc.)
  • The sponsorship of an individual or team
  • Financial contribution towards salaries (we may consider staffing costs on an hourly basis, but only if this is necessary to achieve the project objectives e.g. a music teacher to lead a music therapy group, or a builder to construct a sensory room)
  • Funding for ‘paid for advertising’
  • General contributions towards large appeals or fundraising (we may consider funding of standalone items, providing the use of these is not reliant on additional funds being raised e.g. replacing a kitchen as part of a hospice renovation project)
  • The promotion of political parties/groups
  • The advancement of religion/ faith (although groups may be eligible for secular and inclusive community based activities e.g. a food bank run by a local church)
  • Groups where membership costs are prohibitive e.g. a golf club with high membership costs that would prohibit certain members of the community from joining.
  • Overseas travel or activity outside the UK
  • Regional or local offices of a national organisation (unless they can demonstrate that they operate independently)
  •  Improvements to land or buildings that are not open or accessible for use by members of the community
  • Contingency amounts
  • Deficit or retrospective funding (e.g. grants for activities or purchases that have already taken place)
  • Organisations that are for the sole relief or benefit of animals and plants
  • Support for projects that have received substantial funding from another grant provider within 12 months prior to the date of your application

11. Once accepted, all Nominations will appear on the Engage Foundation website.

12. Nominations that are unsuccessful are eligible to re-apply for future rounds of voting.

13. The Applicant’s contact details will not be published unless the Applicant asks for them to be included.

14. The Applicant will receive an email notifying them that the Nomination has been accepted.

15. Applicants may withdraw their Nomination at any time.

16. Once accepted, Applicants may not make any changes to the information on the Nomination.  In this case, the Nomination must be withdrawn, and a new Nomination with the amended information submitted for consideration. This new Nomination will then go through the Community Award review process again.

17. Once the nomination period has elapsed (see 7.4 to 7.15 below), voting will open for all community projects.

18. At the end of the voting period the community projects which received the most votes in their respective categories will be declared winners.

19. In the event of a tie, the Engage Foundation Advisory Panel (made up of Customers) will be asked to select a winner between the tied projects. Any panel member who is involved with any of the tied projects will be required to abstain.

20. The decision of the Engage Foundation Advisory Panel will be final.

21. In the event that the project that receives the most votes chooses not to accept the Community Award (for any reason), the project that received the next highest number of votes will be offered the Community Award.  In the event of a tie see 5.18 above for how a winner will be decided.

22. Applicants will have the opportunity to promote their project or cause via their project page on the Engage Foundation website.  Applicants can upload photos, comments and other information to make their proposed project more appealing to voters.

23. Applicants are entirely responsible for the content uploaded onto the website and must not upload content that breaches any copyright or other laws and undertake not to upload defamatory, offensive or illegal material.  If other individuals are featured in photos uploaded by an Applicant, it is the responsibility of the Applicant to ensure permission has been granted for use of that image in the public domain.

24. Engage Foundation reserves the right to remove any content deemed to be in breach of the terms above.

25. With respect to the content elected by an Applicant for inclusion on the website, the Applicant grants Engage Mutual without time limit authority to reproduce, modify, adapt, publish and display such content in the course of providing or promoting its services.

26. Applicants of winning projects will be notified within two weeks of winning a Community Award.

27. Applicants of winning projects commit to working with Engage Foundation to provide a project plan and key milestones to ensure the Community Award delivers the benefit anticipated in the original Application.

28. Successful Applicants authorise Engage Foundation to publish their name when announcing details of the Community Award without prior permission or financial compensation or the attribution of rights other than the sum awarded, subject to those rights protected by data protection legislation.

29. Successful Applicants may be required to participate in on-going PR activity.

30. Engage Foundation may use successful Applicants’ names, home town, photographs or opinions in future publicity or promotional material, and Applicants agree to such usage by participating in the process.

31. Winners of the £25,000 Community Awards will be required to provide detailed plans for their project and evidence that the Community Award is being spent as set out in the Nomination. This evidence may take the form of receipts, photographs, telephone conversations and project visits.

32. The Community Award funding will not be provided as a single payment in advance of the project but will instead be distributed on a needs-basis.

33. Engage Foundation reserves the right to request that an Applicant returns the Community Award amount in full if it receives evidence that the money is not being used in line with the Application.

34. Community Awards are non-transferable and non-negotiable.

35. The Applicants of winning Applications cannot apply for any other Community Awards within 18 months of receiving funding.  After this time, they are eligible to apply for funding again for a new project with different beneficiaries.   If wishing to apply for a new project for the same beneficiaries, they must wait 36 months before they are eligible to re-apply.

6. Community Award Voting

1. Voting is open to anyone who registers to become a member of the Engage Online Community.  In order to join the Online Community, the user must provide a valid email address capable of sending and receiving emails which must not have an automatic expiry date set up. The Online Community is open to anyone (Customers and non-Customers) over 16 and resident in the UK.

2. Votes may only be cast online.

3. In order to become a member of our Online Community you will need to provide:

  • Your name – so we know who you are!
  • Your age – so we can confirm you are over 16
  • Your location – so we know you’re a resident of the UK
  • Your email address – so we can support your online community profile for issues such as password resets and send you any information relevant to your account.

4. An Online Community member can vote for as many projects as they like but can only vote for any project once.

5. Engage reserves the right to remove Community members if they have reasonable grounds to suspect they are not resident in the UK.  In such instances the vote of these individuals will not be counted.

6. You may only register once to be a member of the Online Community. If you register under more than one email address your vote will not count.  Engage Foundation reserves the right to remove Community members which it reasonably believes are not genuine and discount any votes they have cast.

7. Timings

Personal Grants

1. Applications for Personal Grants (of up to £500) may be made at any time throughout the year.

2. Applications entered into the draw five working days before the last day of any month will be eligible for the draw taking place on the 1st working day of the following month. 

Community Awards

3. The next round of Community Awards will consist of seven or eight awards of up to £5,000 each.

4. Applications for the second round of Community Awards may be submitted at any time after 10am on 1st September 2014.

5. The deadline for submission of online Applications for the second round of Community Awards is 13th October 2014 at 5pm.

6. Applications received after the deadline will not be eligible and will not be put forward for the public vote.

7. Voting will open at 12 noon on 20th October and will close at 12 noon on 17th November 2014.

8. The second round winners will be announced at the end of November 2014, once all votes have been counted and verified.

8. General information 

1. The Application and Nomination processes for Engage Foundation are operated by Engage Mutual Assurance.

2. These terms and conditions set out the legal rules applicable to these processes. Applicants shall be bound by these rules upon making an Application or Nomination and are advised to read these terms before submitting. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact

3. Engage Foundation reserves the right to cancel, extend the period of participation or alter in any way whatsoever the terms and conditions of this funding. Engage Foundation cannot be held responsible if, in any case of force majeure (circumstances beyond control), the process should be modified, shortened or cancelled.

4. The name and county of successful Applicants can be obtained by sending a stamped addressed envelope to: Engage Foundation, Engage Mutual Assurance, Hornbeam Park Avenue, Harrogate, HG2 8XE.

5. In case of any dispute the laws of England and Wales will apply.

6. Engage Mutual will put an additional £1 in to the Engage Foundation for every individual who registers their details at, up to a maximum of £5,000. This money may be used to fund an additional Community Award or additional Personal Grants in 2014.

Engage Foundation guidelines

We want you to be able to show your support for the community projects nominated by our customers and invite you to do so by commenting on their project page. In doing so, we ask you to adhere to some basic guidelines:

  • do respect the rights and privacy of other people
  • do report anything which you believe may cause offence
  • do let us know if you come across anything suspicious
  • don’t say anything that could cause offence
  • don’t use language that people may find threatening, abusive, harassing, hateful or racially or ethnically objectionable
  • don’t say anything against the law
  • don’t post any unsolicited or unauthorised advertising
  • don’t post anything that could be interpreted as self-publicity or promotional items, junk mail or spam
  • don’t post information copyrighted information
  • don’t post personal information


Engage Mutual will moderate and review all posts to ensure that they adhere to these basic guidelines. Engage Mutual reserve the right to remove any comments that contradict these terms.

Getting in touch

If you have any questions or concerns about these guidelines or anything you see posted on this website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you for your co-operation.