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Engage With Your Club

We were the proud title sponsor of Super League, the UK’s premier rugby league competition, from 2005 to 2011. During that time, in partnership with Rugby League Cares and the RFL Facilities Trust, we introduced the Engage With Your Club volunteering initiative.

Engage With Your Club was set up to help grass roots rugby league clubs across the UK to improve and rejuvenate their facilities. It ran for three years and during this time we helped generate a volunteer work force dedicated to improving club facilities.

In its final and most successful year, an impressive 56 amateur rugby clubs took part, supported by an estimated 1,700 volunteers, who between them gave more than 9,000 hours of their free time.

A number of famous rugby league faces were among the helpers including England Coach, Steve McNamara, who took time out from England’s World Cup preparations to lend a hand at his former amateur club Skirlaugh ARLFC in Hull.

Going forward, Engage With Your Club will continue to be run by the RFL Facilities Trust and Rugby League Cares. To find out more about the initiative, you can visit their website.